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/bun/ - Last night on earth (#8010)

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GIqSnFzEx(1.1 MB,1114x1600) 1585425099880.png

「Last night on earth」

more issues for now T_T create prohibited. i should be able to close the vn now right it won't explode on me later. as long as qcow2 stays intact
I found the catclock! bery hapy
Baked brie and roast garlics!!!
inaban, do you know someone from toronto called harry or pokemontrainer?
I remember that guy
yamanosusume fan
think he's still scared
Huh, well, small world.
These lainchan guys are friends with him.
They also told me to type a phrase on meguca and I got banned lol
Ah, they're irl friends that is. Anyway, just thought they'd probably know about the other liveboards, but apparently they don't
gib money onegai
sus sync count
hi sus #2
ok i think that worked. but the documentation for is just "NO"
oh right forgot to enter name. anyways drawterm doesn't work i get panic stuff
You must create new netns
add the vif to it
set it up in new netns
add Ip to it in new netns
set default route to that ip in new netns
netns exec drawterm in new netns
here's the rest
GIqSnFzEx(46 KB,122x105) 1663971022452.gif
>add the vif to it
i think i created a new netns
i don't like bothering you too much. i would ask in ircs but i remember you said they all sucked and mailing lists were filled with idiots or something.
i gave up. just using qemu is fine too
dont give up!
Qemu will have the same problems
linux networking is just
it's something like
ip netns add 9front
ip link set vif<number>-emu netns 9front
ip netns exec 9front ip link set vif<..>-emu up
ip netns exec 9front ip addr add vif...
ip netns exec 9front ip route add default via
ip netns exec 9front drawterm -h -a -u glenda

but this requires you have set up your system to do auth service
in VNC:
9fs 9fat
sam /n/9fat/plan9.ini
add service=cpu
at the end
and then
add nobootprompt=local!/dev/sdC0/fsmain
write and quit

auth/changeuser glenda
add a password

enable password

then edit /lib/ndb/local
sys=cirno auth=cirno ip=
write a
i did the plan9.ini stuff. do i have to do -c and -a stuff later when booting. noauth then noauth and later doing end didn't work properly not sure why
i added nicebird with password and kept glenda passwordless i think? tried both.
ah ok then >>9130
i'll use glenda
i'm probably missing some of the ip exec stuff. also i tried with nicebird so i'll try using glenda now
oh no shell script for all ip netns stuff?
the user in wrkey must either be a member of sys and adm or be able to speakfor sys and adm
needs a password or it won't work for encryption reasons and just being an edge case
Yeah, the NDB bit is the most important though set that up and then reboot the VM
log in and do `pf | grep k//
ps | grep keyfs
that will tell you if it is auth or not

the ip exec stuff in linux is a pain but that's the end of it
you will probably want a shell script on linux that does that for you once you get it to work once
yeah something like

ip netns add 9front
ip link set $1 netns 9front
ip netns exec 9front ip addr add $1
ip netns exec 9front ip link set $1 up
ip netns exec 9front ip route add default via
ip netns exec 9front drawterm

and then you run it with the argument being the vif
ip netns exec 9front ip addr add dev vif...
>add nobootprompt=local!/dev/sdC0/fsmain
do i change bootargs or is it a new one after

didn't work www network is unreachable aaa
after it should show the op on the dev
this is instead of bootargs, actuallu
just change bootargs to nobootprompt
And leave the rest of the line the same
Link is set up?
ip netns exec ip link show
oh no vif number changes after rebooting!
is the PID of the vm w
Plan 9 Console doesn't give errors now but it's just blank now >_<
it works!
was able to login woo. do i start rio and continue now?
In drawterm? Yes
You’ll be able to see the local fs in /mnt/term
scrollwheel works too yay
wooooo :)
rori who eats the world
what was the phrase w
Probably #autobahn because Noel is stupid
I meeaann you aren't wrong about that, but it was something like "What's up you gay retards?"
Something like that. They told me to make sure I punctuated everything correctly since Harry types like that.
copying boys
rori who eats the world
oh w they thought you were pt
Idk who he is!
Oh I lost Noel, oops.
They said they'd introduce me to him though.
>your stomach is full of acid and goblins which break down alcohol before it can diffuse through your (stomach) walls into your blood. There are no goblins or acid in your ass so it can go straight into your blood. it's why you take your girl pills under your tongue
#8ball (Blood is on your hands)
rori who eats the world
guess who got outed to their religious parents????
yul brynner
what's the plan goin forward now?
rori who eats the world
yeah they're not freaking out as much as i thought theyd be
i think they just feel bad that i got outed to them w

its gonna be a whole fucking thing though and im not really sure whats gonna happen but oh well
rori who eats the world
honestly im just kind of relieved
yeah, hiding who you are kinda sucks even if the alternative is bad
still fucking sucks the most to not get to make the choice.
rori who eats the world
i mean i was planning on telling them in few months
but damn
i guess my timetable got moved forward
do you mind saying how it came out?
rori who eats the world
pharmacy had the wrong phone number and they figured out what prescriptions i had
oh, oof, that's a pretty bad way
rori who eats the world
i dont think theres a single thing my mother could say to make me not take girl pills
GIqSnFzEx(1.3 MB,1057x1500) 6D0A1B91-9E1B-46D3-AB0F-046CACEA876C.jpeg
www yeah
its good to be sure of yourself and have courage in your convictions
it just sucks to have people trying to convince you out of who you are
basically no other reason anyone goes detrans
GIqSnFzEx(6 KB,96x96) 16-bit icon untz.gif
A friend of mine went detrans. But not because of some outward pressure (supposedly). But more because he is cheap as fuck and didn't want to pay for injections for the rest of his life.
Also he got the permanent voice change he wanted so wtvr.
Yeah, not being able to afford it is number two
but that is an external pressure
GIqSnFzEx(30 KB,234x382) 30039306.jpg
VR is the best for trans ppl and furries.
You can be whoever you want and no one will bat an eye.
some people look better without pills, but its a case by case basis
and you cant even talk about such things without being called anti-trans so whats the point
whos making the assumptions? and if their opinion isnt supposed to matter when they make the incorrect assumption then whats the whole point?
why not just be cute then
and lolicons like you wwwww
GIqSnFzEx(129 KB,952x500) 2F2C11E0-AE49-475D-ACEF-873A86921B8F.jpeg
i mean yeah, you don’t have to take it to be trans
and you don’t have to be trans to take estrogen to get the body you want either

and it isn’t really anti-trans to no longer be attracted to someone when they change themselves
You pictured
rori who eats the world
my body after e? fr fr
but real people should be able to look like whatever they want
>i mean yeah, you don’t have to take it to be trans
yes, but if you voice this option you usually get shouted down and labeled anti trans hence my frustration with the issue of bringing it up
>you don’t have to be trans to take estrogen to get the body you want either
this is rarer and I've seen TruTrans™ types decry it, as if hrt is some rare substance to be rationed

>it just sucks to have people trying to convince you out of who you are
Much of it is from trad-morons but some of it is genuine concern about a person's wellbeing
external pressure to detrans is a thing but so is external pressure to trans in the first place. I wont assume how much is external vs internal bcuz thats impossible to tell but-
I feel that its very overdiagnosed right now with how trendy anything LGBT is and that can cause negative effects, but again its hard to mention that without being called a bigot or accused of gatekeeping or w/e
yes its seen as a stupid /pol/ viewpoint but some stereotypes are true, groomers exist, so do chasers and femboy hungry neckbeards who get off to that stuff(not saying anyone here just in general you know what i mean)
also people close to a person transitioning might lie or pussyfoot about how their friend looks instead of being honest
I've known people who started out crossdressing and said it was 'just a fetish' and they wouldnt go on pills, then a few years later they're on HRT but say they wouldn't go any further, and yet a few more years later they're getting SRS and later expressing regret over that.
I regret not telling them my concerns along the way because I didn't want to be difficult or cause issues with relationships but then again likely nothing said would have changed their mind anyways
the big point being that HRT can make you more feminine and help but it can also make you fat, lose hair, mess up your skin and cause irreversible changes, and ultimately lead to a bad end the further down that pipeline you go.
And those effects are either glossed over or omitted by all of the above factors and not wanting to hurt someones feelings. So its not something to be taken lightly like internet memes would tell you.
not liveposted cause its from a txt file thinking out my thoughts over an hour deal with it
Super Special
oh w
thanks goreshit

anyway i was gonna say
ive always been like really cognizant of all of those things throughout this whole fucking struggle
i dont wanna gaslight myself into thinking something im not

but like.... this is just where i am now on trying to figure stuff out
ive tried just "being a boy" again and i just cant fucking do it it hurts
Super Special
a couple of my trans friends look a lot like that
although with even smaller gocks~
they’re so cute~~

just a shame most of them haven’t started on progresterone yet so they can’t cum despite being horny all the time w
part of that is just self defense, it is not politically convenient for it to be not medically necessary for being trans
especially in the case of T as it’s a controlled substance w
there is a lot more attention paid to those egg culture groomers than I think they have actual pull
and over diagnosed seems unlikely given that whole perception gap
probably a lot higher than the 1% of the population who identify that actually are
GIqSnFzEx(144 KB,1374x1024) 6EBD73AC-98C8-4DA5-9823-A70EC5B3180A.png
Also applicable to my repeatedly successful method of meeting and getting close to cute transgirls on Twitter by being openly into and knowledgeable about ryona wwwwwwwwww
a good four times now even

smelling Puke but I know I have Nt
Oh and Shota too
top turret gunner looking pretty safe
thinking that you have to pay to be trans is such a bourgeois thing . you need to PAY to transition the right way or you're anti-trans!
GIqSnFzEx(3.9 MB,379x213) Gabriel shots Satania.gif
That goes both ways, the worst thing about being detrans, is how ostracized you become, the whole trans cult treating you like Satan incarnate.
That, and how it's a one-way path, for the big part of it.

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